Eurasian wren


You will hear this little mini bird more often than you see it. The wren is one of the smallest birds we know and is often difficult to see when scratching about under bushes or ivy in search of food. Its presence is more easily betrayed by its excited alarm calls and loud singing. The song of the wren can often be heard here, because it sings almost all year round. It is hard to believe that such a small bird can produce so much sound.

Relationship with humans

Why we do what we do

Wrens are very common and feel at home in gardens, parks, and forests, provided that there are enough dense bushes or ivy there, because that is where it prefers to look for its food. This little bird looks for a sheltered spot in which to breed, in the semi-dark where it builds its spherical nest. Wrens prefer a spot along the water, which is why we often see them on the banks of the Jeker.