The kingfisher


Kingfishers are phenomenal fishermen. They need clear water because, when hunting, they sit on overhanging branches and rely on sight to locate their prey. Like a blue arrow, the kingfisher dives down from its vantage point into the water to scoop a fish out of the water with its beak. There are several points along the Jeker where kingfishers fish. However, if the water is muddy, the kingfisher has trouble locating fish and will look for its prey elsewhere. As the Jeker is often very murky, the kingfisher cannot always be found within Tapijn. Kingfishers dig tunnels in high banks along the water in which to breed.

Relationship with humans

Why we do what we do

The presence of humans can be positive or negative for the kingfisher. For example, ditches in cities remain ice-free for longer in winter, especially under bridges. This gives the kingfisher a greater chance of survival when there is little food to be found during a severe winter. On the other hand, people often alter the bank of rivers, streams and lakes as they see fit. If steep walls are destroyed in the process, the kingfisher will have difficulties finding suitable nesting places.