Grey wagtail


The grey wagtail really feels at home along this part of the Jeker. It prefers to be near running water. Almost every year, he raises a brood of chicks here. In spring, you will often see it sitting on the stones at the Reek, or at the fish ladder at the Molenhof. It often searches for stones as a base of operations for its insect hunt. In spring, it sometimes sits on a roof singing its song. It prefers to build its nest in a hidden place, in a crevice or a cavity in the city wall. After the young have left the nest, the parent birds continue to feed them for some time. With a little luck, you can see this near the pond. After the breeding season, the grey wagtail disappears again and makes way for wintering conspecifics

Relationship with humans

Why we do what we do

The grey wagtail is a typical stream bird: it is only found near running water. The grey wagtail likes to build their nests near or in human structures, such as houses, water mills or bridges. Along the river Jeker, it often uses holes or crevices in the old city walls to its advantage. Nesting boxes are also acceptable. Near the Molenhof, it has found a good location for its nest, because that is where the grey wagtail can be found almost every year.