Perennial wall rocket


On the wall near the bridge, there is a large clump of perennial wall rocket. From June, you can see this plant blooming abundantly with beautiful bright yellow flowers. Perennial wall rocket is not a typical wall plant, but here, growing out of the wall, it is a remarkable eye-catcher. Besides, what is a real wall plant anyway? Perennial wall rocket can survive on different types of subsoil. It also often grows on pavements, preferably around fences and walls. It is a real city plant.

Relationship with humans

Why we do what we do

This plant really likes a stony environment. In our area, that means that they are bound to the city, because that is where to find stony surfaces. Originally, this plant comes from around the Mediterranean, but is has slowly moved north. Since the 17th century, this plant has been a resident of our villages and towns. Initially only along the coast, but in the course of time this plant moved further and further inland, via roads, building sites, and railway embankments. Now, it has also discovered a prime location on the old city walls of Maastricht.