Sticky hawkweed


The sticky hawkweed is an extraordinary wall plant. It is the most common wall plant in Maastricht, and can be seen on many of our old city walls. It really stands out when it is in bloom, with its yellow flowers on long stems. For many years, this plant was only known from the Maastricht walls and was therefore called Maastricht hawkweed. Since it was also sighted in Valkenburg and Utrecht, it was renamed sticky hawkweed.

Relationship with humans

Why we do what we do

The sticky hawkweed is a true Maastricht wall plant. It  is known from the Maastricht city walls and fortifications, where it can be found in large numbers. It is rare in other cities. Originally, this plant comes from mountain areas in Southern Europe and Morocco. Its presence in Maastricht is due to our old city walls, which were built with lime mortar.