Greater celandine


The greater celandine can be found among the many yellow flowering plants on the wall. However, the greater celandine is not really a wall plant. It can also be found in other places within Tapijn, where it prefers to grow in a lightly shaded spot. The greater celandine is a remarkably common urban plant. Early in spring, it blooms with striking yellow flowers. It is common in old towns and has a predilection for old weathered walls, like those around cemeteries.

Relationship with humans

Why we do what we do

The greater celandine is particularly attached to buildings. In the Middle Ages, this plant was ascribed a medicinal effect and was therefore often cultivated in special (monastery) herb gardens. The plant then turned wild and was soon more frequently found outside of herb gardens than in them.

Although the plant can be found in different nutrient-rich locations, it is remarkably often found at the foot of old weathered walls.