Paper mulberry


In a corner, near the old tram bridge, stands the paper mulberry (broussonnetia papyrifera). This tree is not as large as its neighbours; it remains quite low and is actually more of a shrub. Its leaves are greyish-green and unusual in shape. The tree blooms in May, and, in summer, it bears prickly orange-red fruits, which look woolly. The fruits are edible. Apparently, they are very sweet. Like most trees in the park, the paper mulberry loses its leaves in autumn.

Relationship with humans

Why we do what we do

The paper mulberry is an exotic species that was introduced here. Originally, it comes from East Asia, China, and Japan. It has been here, within Tapijn, since 2008. In addition to being planted as an ornamental tree in large gardens, parks, and cemeteries, paper is made from the fibres of its bark.