Black redstart


The black redstart is a true city dweller. It can be recognised by its black and grey plumage and its vibrating, rusty red tail. It is common in city centres, and, once you know its song, you will usually be able to spot it quite easily. It likes to sing its song from the ridge of a roof. Not that this bird is a very good singer; it usually only produces some creaking tones, but it is a recognisable sound. The black redstart only lives in the Netherlands in summer and prefers to nest somewhere in a building. It prefers dry, sunny terrains in a stony environment and can often be found on building sites. We are hopeful that this bird will settle within Tapijn.

Relationship with humans

Why we do what we do

The black redstart has become a true city bird. This bird has its origins in mountainous areas, but, over the course of the 20th century, it has settled in our country. Initially only in Limburg, but, with increasing urbanisation, this bird has conquered the whole of the Netherlands at a fast pace. It feels at home in a stony environment with little vegetation. It can be heard frequently in Maastricht city centre, but also on industrial estates. We hope that it will also settle within the grounds of Tapijn, because there will be a lot of construction here in the near future.