History of Tapijn C1 Lecture and dorm building


Lecture and dorm building

In 1951, plans were drawn up to expand the barracks with a garage, a parts workshop, and a lecture and dorm building designed by architect P. de Ruiter. This expansion was necessary because of the new training of conscripts that had come to Maastricht for their first exercise.

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The 1953 lecture and dorm building is particularly famous for its architectural features. The building has a concrete frame with brick filling, in which large glass surfaces have also been used. As early as 1954, it was expanded to include a new dining hall for officers. This officers’ mess was given a terrace overlooking the Jeker and the old city wall.

The former lecture and dorm building lies to the east of the former hospital and consists of three two-storey wings at right angles in an uneven cross shape. These wings have a semi-circular concrete roof covered in bitumen. On the north side, there is a one-storey extension (the former officers’ mess), which is connected to the main wings by a small intermediate section.

The three large wings are built out of concrete, with yellow brickwork in the wall surfaces. They contain large, original, steel, multi-paned windows. In the wing’s exterior end elevations, which are largely blank, ornamental masonry has been applied in diamond shapes. The entrance is on the south-west side in the west elevation of the central wing. It has a concrete frame, a recessed entrance door, and a high concrete

window with small glass panes above it. On the north-east side of the central wing, there is a two-storey, semi-circular steel window façade near the interior staircase. Under the roof edge of the central wing, there is a concrete frame with small square openings with either glass panes or air vents.

The officers’ mess is made up of steel window façades within a load-bearing concrete frame. On the north-west side, there is an entry portal tapering in height, with original steel windows and door.