For a number of decades now, magpies have become more common in urban areas. They are true opportunists and very smart birds. Their reputation is not great; many people believe they steal young birds and are responsible for reducing the number of small songbirds.
Within Tapijn, magpies gratefully feast on all kinds of tasty snacks that people leave behind. When quietly sitting on a bench and seeing this beautiful black and white bird with its metallic sheen wandering through Tapijn, you might forget its bad reputation. Magpies are also known for ‘stealing’ shiny objects. However, that is only partly true. Magpies are very curious and like to investigate everything that is ‘different’. Interesting objects (not only shiny ones) are taken to their nest or hidden somewhere for later use.

Relationship with humans

Why we do what we do

At the end of the last century, the number of magpies in the Netherlands decreased. One of the causes is probably the decrease in the number of insects due to changes in agriculture. Since 2000, the number of magpies has stabilised. Now, magpies benefit from the presence of people, as they provide additional possibilities for food.
Many people find magpies to be too noisy and, therefore, do not like it when magpies pay a visit to their gardens.