The aviary - birds


Since 1920, the aviary has been home to many different birds. For example, a beautiful golden pheasant lived in the aviary for many years. In the beginning, the birds were taken care of by the City Beautification Association, later by its successor, the Maastricht Zoo Foundation, and the birds (and the animals in the zoo) are currently being cared for by the Daalhoeve petting zoo.

Relationship with humans

Why we do what we do

At the time, the aviary was built with the idea of creating a kind of zoo in the city park of Maastricht. The birds that were and are housed in the aviary are not free, of course, but they are admired by Maastricht residents and tourists. The information signs about wild birds that are placed in the aviary are meant to make people take a more conscious look at birds that are not in the aviary, but that can be found outside the aviary within the Tapijn grounds.