The history of the aviary


In 1920, the City Beautification Association was founded in Maastricht, and set itself the goal of creating an animal park in this part of the city park. Shortly after 1920, the aviary was built in the city park of Maastricht, together with a dovecote and the deer park. Since then, there have been many different birds in the aviary. You can read information about the birds in the aviary on the signs placed in the aviary. During the redesign of Tapijn in the spring of 2018, a granite-stone square was constructed around the aviary. The stones are laid by Portuguese craftsmen, who are very skilled in laying mosaic paving stones.

Relationship with Tapijn

Why we do what we do

After the commissioning of Tapijn for military purposes (after 1916), the Maastricht city park not only functioned as a location for outings for the population of the city, but it also served as a place of relaxation for the officers stationed here. The City Beautification Association, which was founded in 1920, paid for the work from the contributions of its members. This association was a forerunner of the Maastricht Animal Park Foundation. The care of the animals in the animal park and in the aviary is now in the hands of the Boerderij Daalhoeve (childrens farm).