Tawny owl


The tawny owl is more often heard than seen.  Its ominous sounding ‘woohoo’ had been heard at the Tapijn grounds several times, but no one had ever seen it. Tawny owls are not very noticeable. They are real night birds and can fly silently. During the day, they sleep in hollow trees or are well hidden on a branch between dense foliage. They are only noticed when other songbirds sound the alarm.

Sometimes you will find pellets under the tree in which they have their permanent roosting place. If you are looking for a tawny owl, these are often the only signs that alert you to their presence.

Relationship with humans

Why we do what we do

Nowadays, every city park or cemetery is home to a tawny owl. Wherever there are old trees, tawny owls can make their home. They can even breed in gardens that have old trees in them. Although the tawny owl is a real forest bird, it doesn’t matter if that forest is in the middle of the city. For many years, it was a mystery whether the tawny owl that was heard at the Tapijn grounds actually had a nest there. But now there are rumours that the sound of a squeaking owlet has been heard on the wall near Tapijn.

That is why we have provided an owl box. You’ll see him in the tree to the right of the lamppost (with a sign on it), on top of the wall opposite you. A tree statue stands a little to the right, between the path and the wall. It was made by Roel van Wijlick.