Peacock butterfly - Photo: Jo Hermans


The peacock butterfly is a common butterfly in gardens and parks. The top of its wings is red, with a large peacock-feather like eyespot on each wing, from which it takes its name. Peacock butterflies can be seen very early in the year, because they winter in dark, cool, and damp spots. The peacock butterfly visits many different kinds of flowers to collect nectar. For reproduction, it goes in search of nettles, preferably in larger numbers, because their caterpillars only eat nettles.


Relationship with humans

Why we do what we do

The fortifications within Tapijn offer ideal conditions for winter: not only the cavities in the walls, but also the buildings make for an excellent hiding spot during winter. As soon as the sun and the walls heat up, they wake up from hibernation. You will see them flying around, urgently looking for nectar. If lucky, they will find early bloomers, such as bulbs, but if there are no flowers yet, an early flight will be fatal for the peacock butterfly.