Banded demoiselle


The banded demoiselle is a small, slender dragonfly that can only be found near running water. On a sunny day, you will find many of these beautiful insects flying around along the Jeker. The males are beautifully coloured. They have a thin body with a metallic sheen that changes colour from green to deep blue depending on the light. They like to sit on overhanging plants, to keep an eye on their conspecifics. The males fight each other every now and then, and when a female flutters by, she is pursued fervently. These flights look like elegant air shows, but in fact they are fierce mock fights, involving competition, attraction, and rejection.

Relationship with humans

Why we do what we do

The banded demoiselle can only be found near flowing water, because the larvae need oxygen-rich water to develop properly. For many years, the water of the Jeker was severely polluted by the discharge of waste water. Because the water is now purified, the banded demoiselle can live here again. The Jeker no longer forms a barrier for the banded demoiselle. For this beautiful damselfly, the Jeker is again an important connection route to the Meuse.