Tapijn Garden


In the heart of the Tapijn grounds lies the Tapijn Garden, a very special vegetable garden, where there is plenty to do. Here, volunteers grow healthy, unsprayed fruits and vegetables. These are not only beautiful to look at, but also smell and taste delicious. Edible flowers, fragrant herbs, homemade jams, these are just a few of the products of the Tapijn Garden. Everything that is grown here grows as naturally as possible, without artificial fertilizers and pesticides. The Tapijn Garden uses natural processes as much as possible: the soil is enriched with compost, bees help to pollinate the plants, and harmful insects are controlled in a natural way.

Relationship with humans

Why we do what we do

‘The Tapijn Garden, the green jewel where nature helps the city.’ This phrase reflects what the Tapijn Garden stands for. The Tapijn Garden is not only a beautiful vegetable garden, it is also a meeting place where people become better acquainted with a healthy and active lifestyle. Gardening together, cooking together, and, especially, enjoying together are common bonds. Volunteers of all ages work in the garden. Refugees meet Maastricht people there during joint lunches and the elderly go on discovery tours through the garden to pick their own herbs for a cup of herbal tea. Many more events are organised here, all around the theme of healthy living and sustainability. Feel free to visit the Tapijn Garden, sit on a bench, and enjoy your surroundings.