Along the banks of the river Jeker, between the aviary and the Tapijn Garden, you will be able to eat and play. Here, a play lawn with natural objects has been constructed. Trees that had to make way for the laying out of the new Tapijn area will be given a new life as playground equipment. Here, you can climb, crawl, and jump on them. And there’s more here. Near the little wooden bridge, ew fruit trees have been planted among the park trees that have been here for many years. In the fall they will bear edible fruits, upon which you can nibble and feast. Furtheron, between the bridge and the water gate, berry bushes with sweet fruit complete this strip of edible green.

Relationship with humans

Why we do what we do

This strip along the river Jeker is intended as a food, eating, and playing area. It will make the Tapijn grounds even more appealing to families with children. Soon, a visit to the deer park can be combined with hide-and-seek in a willow hut, or a climb in one of the playing trees. You will also be able to feast on fruit and nuts. And if you have the taste for it, just walk over to the Tapijn Garden, where you can find many more goodies.