The fox and the stone marten are the two main predators within Tapijn. There might also be a polecat and minks or ermines, but we have only been able to capture the fox and the stone marten with the wildlife camera.

The wildlife cameras have been placed in various locations around Tapijn. It is nice to see that both the fox and the marten have been captured on film in almost all of the locations in which cameras are located. This shows that both species make nearly full use of Tapijn as a habitat. We also have images of fox cubs, but we don’t know whether these cubs were born within Tapijn.

Images regularly show the stone marten leaving a scent trail. This indicates that at least one stone marten’s territory includes (part of) Tapijn.
It is wonderful to see that animals that are mainly active at night can still be made visible to visitors of Tapijn in this way. It shows that more happens in this part of Maastricht than you would suspect during the day.