Everywhere within Tapijn where the ground has been dug up or where soil has been turned over, weeds appear. These are typical pioneer plants, which can grow very quickly in a barren environment. In some cases, the seeds of these plants have been stored in the soil for a long time and they germinate as soon as they reach the light. They are annual species that we call weeds. They are usually unwelcome and often unattractive to the eye. These annual plants have the ability to germinate, grow, flower, and form seeds at lightning speed. Lamb’s quarters and lady’s thumb are unwelcome weeds, but poppies and camomile are also examples of such pioneers. Once the latter are in bloom, things really begin to look up. In the long run, these pioneers will be replaced by perennial plants, often grasses. But, as long as there is work being done, these weeds will be a part of Tapijn.