Night of the night on Tapijn

28 November 2019

October 26th was the Night of the Night. On that day, organisations, businesses and residents asked for attention to be paid to light pollution. Maastricht supports this initiative and actively participates by switching off the lights at various buildings of the municipality. The more responsibly we use lighting, the better it is for our health, traffic, the economy, animals and nature.

In Maastricht there were various activities around the Night of the Night. There was a photography workshop on the Pietersberg, a walk from the Jeker valley and on Tapijn there was a guided tour with the theme Nature Peeping. Alderman Krabbendam welcomed everyone at Brasserie Tapijn this evening. Janneke Ackermans and Peter Alblas then took the visitors on a tour of Tapijn’s secret animal life. Janneke has been researching the animal life on Tapijn with wildlife cameras for two years now. She showed where the fox, stone marten and hedgehog appeared in front of the camera and what she learned about the life of these animals in the city.


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