Natuurgluren in English..

12 December 2019

Urban Nature at Tapijn in Maastricht

How do we translate Natuurgluren in English? Well we think ‘Naturenosing’ is the perfect translation!

From now on our website is available in Dutch en English.

Because the Tapijn is visited a lot by foreign students, we also want you to get in touch with the life and story of Tapijn. Especially the natural world. Naturenosing brings the natural world close to you. Scan the QR codes as you wander around Tapijn or visit our website and be amazed by the videos, photos and information we collect here within Tapijn. Next spring we hope we can show you some livestreams of birds breeding on Tapijn! We also invite you to share your observations of nature on Tapijn with us on our facebookpage:


Amazement. That is what nature brings out in us. A close encounter with a fox, the birth of a young great tit or even a spider weaving its web, all these events have the ability to give you an instant feeling of respect and surprise. That lovely feeling you get when you are about in nature all starts with observing, sneaking around. Go on, have a look around! Explore the park while cycling or walking, or even by using binoculars and cameras. You might be surprised to learn how much there is to see at Tapijn. Despite – and sometimes thanks to – our presence, nature takes its own course within Tapijn. We want to share this special dynamic of urban nature with you. Through “Naturenosing”, we want to share that amazement with you and offer you a new experience of nature within Tapijn. So come and join us. Get carried away along the Jeker, this beautiful bit of Maastricht will give your eyes a feast!


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