hedgehog awake in winter

22 January 2020

You can also take a peek at nature in your own garden. Henny Kloosterboer of Natuurgluren regularly has a wildlife camera in her own garden in Campagne.  In her garden recently a hedgehog appeared in front of the camera. Henny Kloosterboer: ‘I didn’t know we had a hedgehog in the garden. Apparently he has awakened from his hibernation and is dragging leaves in his mouth. He is probably making his bed (winter nest) all over again’. Henny, however, is also worried about the hedgehog. She explains: “Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals, so it’s not so strange that they go for a walk at night. But this video is made in January, and hedgehogs should be hibernating by then. During that hibernation their body temperature drops and they can lose as much as 30% of their weight. Hedgehogs sometimes wake up during their hibernation, especially at higher temperatures. It is risky to become active, there is nothing to eat then. So Henny wonders why this hedgehog is going out with nestmaterial in January?’

More information about the hedgehog

Would you also like to know if your garden is visited by animals at night? You can alos place a wildlife camera in your garden. A wildlife camera can be activated remotely and is equipped with a motion sensor.

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